US and UK Phlebotomy Salary Guide

Phlebotomist are the health care professionals who work with the patients of all age group to collect their blood samples by Venepuncture (injecting the needle in the vein) and then sending the samples to the clinical laboratory for further investigation, while following the strict guidelines and procedures.

Phlebotomists might consider working part time or full time in the health care services or they might consider working on phlebotomy as a part of job while working in the other areas of healthcare as Clinical support worker. They usually work in the outpatient department in the hospital or in laboratory settings.

Working Hours:

Phlebotomists usually work full time on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 6 PM. They might as well consider working part time.

Phlebotomy Salary:

Professionals working as full time Phlebotomists usually earn around $20,514 to £37,918 per year. The per hour rates for the part time workers is $9.84 to $17.56 per hour.

Factors impacting the Phlebotomy salary:

Below mentioned are the major factors that impact the phlebotomy salary.

1. Work Location

2. Experience Level

3. Certifications, Courses and Higher Education

4. Type of Employer

Work location:

The geographic work location is an important factor in deciding the phlebotomy salary.

In USA, the national average is £16,000. But the phlebotomy salary is usually higher than the national average in locations like Northeast USA and West Coast. However the salary in the Southeast is lesser than the national average.

For example, the phlebotomist salary in California is $34,000, in Texas and New York is around $31,000. Whereas the phlebotomy salary in Florida, North Carolina and Illinois is around $29,000.

So the work location is an important factor in deciding the payscale and salary.

Experience level:

Another factor that has an impact on the phlebotomy salary, is the experience level of the phlebotomists. Consider classifying the experience level of the phlebotomists as:

1. Entry-level (Less than 1 Year) – salary around $28,500

2. Mid-level or Mid-career level (1 – 4 Years) – salary upto $29,000

3. Experienced level (5 – 19 Years) – salary upto $31,500

4. Late-Career (20+ Years) – salary around $32,000

The phlebotomy salary usually rises till 10 years experience in experienced level. Later it becomes stagnant and does not move further, until one spends time in some specialized courses or further education to be able to take up additional responsibilities and move to management positions or higher in the career ladder.

Certifications, Courses and Higher Education:

Candidates joining as fresher will definitely draw lesser phlebotomy salary, but another factor that can help in raising the pay scale is an additional certification course or further education. Additional certification courses with National Association of Phlebotomy, ensures that they acquire new transferrable skills. This leads to handling additional work and more exposure at the work place and in turn higher pay package.

Type of Employer:

Phlebotomy salary also depends on the kind of employer the phlebotomists are working with.

Usually, the phlebotomists working with diagnostic laboratory and Private practice earns more than those working in charity organizations, public clinic and public hospital.

The phlebotomists are usually called as Certified Phlebotomy Technician, CPT and they are part of American Society of Phlebotomy Technicicans.

Why Phlebotomy salary is less then the salary of other healthcare professionals?:

Its relatively easy for the candidates to get into this profession, particularly when some one is looking for a fast track program to get into a career, rather than spending long years in finishing higher studies.

It takes only few days to undergo the initial training and then they start working in the hospital under close supervision. So initially it might look like a good start to the career at an early age, but with the limited education and no further training courses, the phlebotomy salary gets stagnant and do not move up any further. That is why the phlebotomy salary is lesser than the other healthcare professionals.

Some might consider Phlebotomy services as a stepping stone to their career. Entry level technician position needs 1 year certification program or 2 years associates degree. But its quite a challenge to move further in the career ladder without any further higher education. So to be able to take up a management position or other high paying positions, phlebotomists needs a bachelor degree.

Phlebotomy salary in other countries:

The phlebotomy professionals draw more or less the same starting salary in other countries like UK with the national average salary as £16,000, Phlebotomy salary in Australia is slightly better and the professionals enjoy a AU$37,000 per annum.


While its a great idea to join the phlebotomy services soon after finishing the school levels, but to give a boost to the pay scale, its a good idea to follow one or more of the following suggestions.

Finding a new position with different type of establishment or employer or moving to a location where the phlebotomy salary is generally higher than the current location or pursue further education and certifications to be able to take up additional responsibilities at work place or move up in the career ladder by career progression.

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