Free Printable Phlebotomy Resume and Guidelines

Phlebotomy is the process of collecting blood samples from the patients and are performed by specialists, Phlebotomists. They perform the blood sample collection and ensure proper blood storage and transfer to the labs for further investigation.

After decision has been made to pursue a career in Phlebotomy, and one has finished the education and taken up the necessary Phlebotomy courses, the next step is to prepare a Phlebotomy resume that is clear, concise, presentable and summaries the qualification, skill sets and past work experience that one has gained.

Phlebotomy resume need not be longer than a page for fresher, since they do not have any or less prior work experience. But resumes for experienced phlebotomy professionals might run up to 2 pages. Anything longer than that is usually considered lengthy.

The areas that must be covered in the phlebotomy resume are detailed below:

1. Name of the applicant and present address with contact number and Email Id

2. Career Objective

3. Qualification summary

4. Key Competencies

5. Professional Experience in descending chronological order.

6. Education and Credentials in descending order.

Writing your phlebotomy resume needs utmost attention, care and must have quality, since the aim of writing your phlebotomy resume is to get you an interview appointment. It is with the help of the resume that you make your first impression on the perspective employer, even before you have seen them personally or spoken to them. Your resume is going to speak for you and the style of phlebotomy resume that you choose, would reflect you style and personality.

You can see below a sample phlebotomy resume for an experienced phlebotomy professional, that can be used as a base to create your own winning resume.

Interview Questions and Answers





23, George Lane

San Jose, California, CA – 92274

Home: 999-999-9999; Cell: 888-888-8888


Career Objective:

To obtain a phlebotomy position at <Hospital or Laboratory Name where applying> and be able to demonstrate my extensive skills and utilize my past experience to assist with the everyday laboratory operations by taking and managing the blood samples while adhering to the set of rules and procedures.

Qualification Summary:

With Over 7 years experience working as a Phlebotomists, gained the experience in the following areas:

1. American Medical Technologists (AMT) certified and in depth understanding of the procedures.

2. Experience in collecting, labelling, managing and transferring the blood samples collected.

3. Thorough understanding and working knowledge of venepuncture procedures.

4. Ability to alleviate the patient anxieties and able to maintain good relationship with the patients.

Key Competencies:

1. Venepuncture

2. Blood Collection and Specimen Storage

3. Quality Assurance

4. Patient and Donor Care

Professional Experience:

Phlebotomist – SJ Hospital, CA (May 2009 – Present)

. Worked under the supervision of Phlebotomy Supervisor and taken up the responsibilities of the lab procedures.

. Worked independently and as a part of team.

. Multi-tasked in a very busy hospital setup and provided high quality care to the patients.

. Handled patients in all age groups including paediatric and adult.

. Performed paediatric blood sampling with extra care and considered the practical guidelines before taking the blood sample from children.

. Performed phlebotomy procedures, including blood sample collection, storage, and transfer to laboratory for report generation.

. Received appreciation from supervisor and team for quality of service rendered to the patients.

Phlebotomist – JB Laboratory, Saint Petersburg, FL (Mar 2006 – Apr 2009)

. Worked under the direction of Laboratory Lead and performed all the tasks as directed, thus enriching my learning experience everyday.

. Performed the phlebotomy procedures, while adhering to the strict safety policies.

. Responsible for collecting blood samples and proper storage.

. Referral of specimens to other laboratories for report generation.

. Demonstrated excellent customer service skills.

. Demonstrated good telephone etiquette and computer skills.

Education and Credentials:

. Paediatric Phlebotomy Training, NCPT – 2010

. Licensed Phlebotomist, State of California – 2009

. Registered Phlebotomy Technician (RPT), AMT – 2006


Some information for writing Entry Level Phlebotomy Resume:

While an experienced Phlebotomy resume must detail the relevant past experiences, the fresher phlebotomy resume, must contain the following information, (instead or in addition of the past experience) to highlight the personal traits of the applicant:

Major Strengths:

. Thorough understanding of medical terminologies.

. Ability to deal with the patients need.

. Working knowledge of collecting blood samples using correct set of rules and procedures.

. Working knowledge in a laboratory setting and thorough understanding of the procedures followed.

Soft skills:

. Fantastic verbal and written language skills.

. Good telephone etiquette.

. Willingness to learn.

. Confident and ability to work independently.

Some guidelines for writing a professional phlebotomy resume:

1. Restrict the usage of words like ‘I’, ‘me’ or ‘my’ I in your phlebotomy resume.

2. Use simple words in the resume and allow enough spaces between the sentences and paragraphs to make the resume scan able

3. Experienced candidates can avoid mentioning the past experience that are not relevant to the job

4. For resume the best font is ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Arial’ with Font size 12.

5. Instead of passive words use action words like managed, delivered, handled etc.

6. Resume must always be accompanied by a cover letter.

7. The phlebotomy resume must be structured clearly and appropriate bullets or numbers must be used.

8. The headings can be made bold, so that they stand out.

9. Its important to check the indentation and ensure the beginning and end of the lines align in a structured way.

10. Spell check the resume and also keep the phlebotomy resume free from grammatical errors. Phlebotomy resume with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are considered as low quality resumes and are rejected. Also consider getting your phlebotomy resume read or checked by someone for any corrections or suggestions.

11. Use simple sentences and avoid clutter.

12. Keep the resume nice and short.

The above phlebotomy resume can be used as a base to create your own resume, highlighting your own details. So go ahead and make your own phlebotomy resume today, showcasing your skill sets by using the sample provided above.

We wish you all luck with you job hunt !!!

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