Online Nursing Schools & Courses

Online nursing degree programs provide options for those who aspire to be Professors, deans, prominent writers or researchers in clinical, scientific or academic areas. Nurses can advance their knowledge by studying theory or statistics analysis and by being mentored by nationally reputed faculty too and branch off into administrative areas in their field.

Nursing Schools

Yet others who want to dedicate their energies to the profession of healing, there are courses designed to hone up their skills too. These courses demand a lot of commitment and hard work from students and expect very high quality outputs from them.

There are many prominent universities, which offer various courses in online nursing. Some of the most common degrees awarded are Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Natural Nursing, Nursing Doctor, Doctor of Science in Nursing and the Doctor of Education. The standard requirements they demand are an RN licence, Graduate examination records, college transcripts, recommendation letters and an essay.

There usually consist of 3 to 5 years of study. The Texas Women’s University is one university, which provides online courses, which is an excellent mixture of on and off campus courses. The Nova South eastern University and the Walden University both provide online doctoral degrees, which are aimed at helping students to come up with innovative and helpful programs to help the people. The Wayne University, the UCSF School of Nursing and several others offer Doctor of Philosophy which help students advance and occupy leadership programs.

However, clinical or research positions are almost always varied as different institutions offer different methods of teaching and work. Therefore, it is highly important for students to know what exactly it is that they want and determine the kind of work they want to do. This will help them register for the course that will enable them to do the work they want to do.

There are several things to consider when choosing an online nursing school. These factors include: cost, location of the physical campus. Although the classes are online. Most schools still require some clinical work to complete your degree. You will have to show up on campus to complete this clinical work. This clinical course will probably be held to a bear minimum though, resulting in the least possible amount of time you actually have to spend on campus.
Cost is probably the most substantial factor to consider.

Credit hours usually cost between $150 – $285 per credit hour. The cost is usually greater for graduate level work. Scholarships are available at some online nursing schools.
Make sure you do thorough research at the specific online nursing school before applying to find one that meets your criteria.

Online Nursing Masters Degree

Now more than ever continuing education is critical. More people than ever are graduating from college. You need to do something to separate yourself from the masses. Getting your master’s degree in nursing is the answer. Getting an online nursing masters degree is a great way to increase your salary, increase your value, and set you up for a big promotion.

Most online masters programs can be completed within one year. You don’t even need to go to the campus. All your course work and testing can be completed online. Some colleges allow you to go directy from RN to masters, while others require you to complete BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) before going on to the graduate level. Drexel offers a program that allows you to go seemlessly from RN to BSN to Masters. There BSN course work also counts for your masters course work, allowing for easier Master’s Degree completion.

Research colleges you are interested in to make sure they are accredited by nursing associations. Also, check to see if they offer tuition breaks for people already in the health care field (some do).

How Do Online Nursing Courses Work?

Often called collaborative online nursing courses, these are courses, which are taught online by faculty who are geographically and physically separated from each other and are located at different Universities, but conduct classes online for students who have registered with the home University. The Home University provides the technology interface for collaboration and students sitting in different parts of the country or globe can access the lessons and interact with the faculty online. This allows you to take the courses from the comfort of your own desk.

The ‘Home’ or collaborating body schedules the online courses and coordinate the technical aspects of the course such as library support, record keeping, marketing and monitoring of the online education technology at different campuses which are coordinating in the conduct of the course. The course roster is maintained by the home university and is provided to the faculty conducting the course from a different University.

All students register with the home institution and are assigned an advisor. Grades, transcripts, financial aid applications and degrees are awarded from the home institution. Texts are provided from the Home University. The collaborating University faculty define the courses that will be conducted and intimate the home University about the courses in which they wish to collaborate. Students are informed about the different course offerings and asked to register for the courses of their choice electronically. All the CNP courses begin and end on the same dates and details of the start date and end date are included in the information mailed to the students.

Collaborative nursing programs help nurse students provide a single point access to knowledge repositories available with different Universities and are enabled by technology to draw upon the experience and knowledge of faculty scattered across the country!

Registering for an online nursing course

If you are keen on your job and want to continue in a nursing career, you can register for a number of online nursing courses, which will help you, learn while you earn. Online nursing courses are designed for people like you. The courses take into account the fact that you are a busy nurse with very little time to spare. You can set the pace and the time can be selected to suit your convenience. The place is your desktop. What more can you dream of?

If you want to register for an online nursing course then you must first submit a goal statement. This statement should clearly define your area of interest and what kind of work you wish to do. This will show the university that you are truly interested and you really want to do the course. Interacting with the faculty at whatever university you wish to join is also highly important. Contacting the faculty and trying to find out as much as you can about the course, the eligibility and also the other kinds of courses they offer is also a very good idea.

You should attempt to find a ‘mentor’ or a particular member of the faculty who has a similar work focus or research interest. This will help in your selection and also give them an impression that you are serious about your work. You should also spell out your work interest and your plans and goals for your future career. That will help both you and the faculty will also try to help you find your area of interest.

Once the registration is complete and you have found the professor you wish to work with, you will be introduced to the various aspects of work, theory development, domain of knowledge and statistical analysis courses just few of them. These will help you perform optimally in your profession. They emphasis will vary from health education to concentrating on health insurance.

Getting Your First Nursing Job

Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the world. The image of Florence Nightingale is indelibly associated with the nursing profession. The helplessly ill will testify to the value of their nurse. Doctors will certify that good nursing can never be replaced by medicines. The demand for nurses is persistent and more and more nursing jobs are available in the market as hospitals open up to cater to the increasing number of people who seek solace in their precincts. The problem is to find good nurses to fill up these vacancies.

The choice of nursing jobs is unlimited. The variety of jobs available is also exciting. Hospital nurses, agency nurses, office nurse, school nurse, clinic nurse, camp nurse, educational nurse, home health nurse, or even critical care nurse are different kinds of nursing jobs that can be considered.

If you are hesitant about taking up nursing, as it will tie you down to a locality or a hospital, remember there are many other kinds of nursing jobs you could take up. You can become a travel nurse, explore the unlimited possibilities of the world and work with the numerous travel nursing companies that exist. If you like a steady fixed job, take up hospital nursing. If that does not appeal to you and you are looking for a job that gives you some time to yourself, take up a private nursing job.

If you are too lazy to go seeking a nursing job, there are several sites online, which offer various types of nursing jobs you can take up. You would probably find a vacancy in your neighbourhood to one across the world. Most of these employers accept fully trained nurses immediately. Most of these sites require a small fee or allow you apply for these jobs for free! So post your resume, browse for your perfect job and who knows you may just find your dream.