Everything You Need To About a Job in Forensic Nursing

Forensic nursing is a professional discipline. A forensic nurse is a medical examiner’s investigator for death investigations. This has evolved as a new area of clinical practices. Forensic nursing is an application of forensic sciences. For forensic nurses it constitutes a wider role in the field of crime investigation and the legal procedures. It is an emerging career requires the nurses to be acquainted with the forensic scientists and the victims of criminal activities in the form of a mutual responsibility.

Death is inevitable but it requires strict enquiry to satisfy the public with the actual cause and manner of death. Forensic nurses have to be familiar to the qualities of bringing compassion, excellent communication skills, observation and clinical facilities to the death investigators. With the advent of the criminal activities, the number of nurses working in hospitals, forensic labs and prisons has increased. It has been confirmed that the forensic nurses have got to have special skills and knowledge because they are the ones who have to face the challenge of taking care of the victims who exhibit extreme behavioral problems. Studies have been conducted to understand to the educational needs for the forensic nurses. There are various degree programs available in the field of forensic nursing education.

They are both online degree programs as well as campus based degree programs. There is no need for a nursing degree to get an entry into this profession. The various courses in forensic nursing are offered by the online degree programs and regular nursing schools. To become a pediatric forensic nurse a certificate course is required and to become a forensic psychiatric nurse a MS along with a counseling certificate is a pre-requisite. There is no specific field in forensic nursing.

Nurses practice in varieties of sub-specialties. Nurses specialize in domestic violence, trauma emergency, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE), legal consultants or legal representative. SANE is often described as an entry ticket in the field of forensic nursing. Certificate courses are required for the program SANE and are considered as the head start.

The education for forensic nurses varies. Forensic nurses can gain specialties in various nursing field like forensic clinical nurse expert, correctional nursing expert, forensic investigator, forensic gerontology specialist, legal advisor and consultant, forensic psychiatric nurse, death investigator and sexual assault examiner. These are some of the common fields. The aspiring nurses need to complete the registered nurse training (RN) to completer the certificate requirements. The main steps recognized towards completion of the RN program are an associate degree, bachelor’s degree and diploma from a recognized nursing school.

Only registered nurses frame the largest health occupations worldwide. Most of the jobs are in hospitals. The registered nursing jobs are known to be the second largest service sectors in comparison with the other occupations. The forensic nursing is emerging as a career and has a great future.

Forensic nursing is a professional field of activity which requires its nurses to unite their training, learning and path of work with the field of law enforcement and helping the crime victims. The career has a bright future.

This is a New Field

Forensic nursing is a new specialty in the field of nursing. It covers the duties of helping the survivors of the criminal activities, collecting every possible forensic evidences and making available health care facilities to the prisoners. There is not one type of a forensic nurse and forensic nurse has also not deal with dead bodies at all the time. This depends on the career or the sub-specialty you have chosen. A forensic nurse is free to choose the specialization area according to her own interest.

There are many of the sub-specialties in the field of forensic nursing like Forensic Clinic Specialist, Forensic Lab Expert, Death Investigator or Nurse Coroner, Legal Consultant, Sexual Assault Examiner, Forensic Gerontology Expert, Forensic Psychiatric and Forensic Correctional Nurse. These were just a few options there are a lot more.

A forensic nurse has to assist the victims of sexual assault by providing for their physical as well as psychological requirements.

A forensic nurse in the form of an investigator delivers her duties at the crime scene. The forensic nurse has to cooperate with the detectives on duty, examine the dead body, take blood samples, take necessary photographs of the body as well as the crime scene itself keep superior records and arrange for the body to be taken to the morgue. There are some additional responsibilities too like assisting the pathologist for the collection of evidence.

A death investigator is also one of the specialties in forensic nursing. A nurse coroner is the first one to arrive at the crime scene. The nurse also has to provide for the rough estimate of the death according to her training in forensic sciences. There is a possibility that the nurse can also find out if the deceased person had some medical problems because of which he had to die.

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner is the one who has to deal with the victims of sexual assault. The crime victims have to answer to various people like news reporters, detective officials and such. This would certainly be a horrible experience for them. These nurses have to look after the medical and the emotional requirements of the injured party. Also, they have to gather certain evidences which may be presentable at the court. A Sexual Assault Examiner Nurse has to be a witness at the court of law if required.

Legal consultant nurses are generally hired by the law representatives or insurance companies in the form of witnesses at the court. When the issues extend beyond the legal ones, then it is the Legal Consultant Nurse who has to explain and justify the issues to the public prosecutor and the jury.
.The mentally challenged individuals gain the services of the Forensic Psychiatric Nurse. The nurses have to assess, treat and manage the mentally disabled at the institution.
Forensic nursing also helps the elderly people who suffer from abuse, neglect and exploitation in the form of a Forensic Gerontology Nurse.

If you are the one who enjoys an energized workplace and drama taking place everyday in the emergency room then forensic nursing is for you.

What Kind of Salary Can You Expect

The moment forensic nursing comes on to someone’s lips, people start speaking about the dead bodies, post mortems and all that stuff. It is a misconception that the forensic nurses have to work only with the dead bodies and conduct post mortems. But this is not true at all. Forensic nurses have to act as sexual assault nurse examiner, one conducting researches, a forensic nurse investigator, forensic nurse clinic specialists, legal nurse consultants or a death investigator.

Keeping in mind the multiple head banging roles a forensic nurse has to play the salary amount is also a matter of concern. The forensic nurses tend to get paid according to their role. Generally, with looking forward to the various roles which a forensic nurse has to play it is very easy to determine the amount of time spent in these activities. Like, if a forensic nurse is a sexual assault examiner then she will have to remain with the victim as often as he or she demands it. If the forensic nurse is acting as a researcher then this role requires a lot of time and effort. A death investigator forensic nurse is ought to spend hours or even days together according to the seriousness of the case in question. If a forensic nurse is expected to carry forward such gruesome activities then her salary should be according to her designation.

The salary can vary from country to country as well as the level of experience the forensic nurse holds. It is often seen that he forensic nurses have to work out of the hospital too. In this case, the call rate is to determine their salary. The hospitals also vary in the terms of salary for forensic nurses. In some hospitals, if the forensic nurse is to be called on for any emergency then the salary is on the basis of per hour, say $1 to $4 per hour. But this is not the case for a SANE. If a SANE is called for an emergency then she will receive 1 to 1 ½ times of their fundamental pay rate. Also to bring into your notice that this is not always the customary, it differs here again. Some cases pay according to per hour basis and some according to per case basis. In case of the per case method, he forensic nurses get anywhere around $150 to $400 according to the conformity of that particular area.

Basically, a forensic nurse’s salary starts from $26 for an hour but relative to the experience, it may also reach to $100. Obviously, the mentioned rates are typically higher than the normally offered wages to forensic nurses. Why? The answer is simple. The wage rates are higher for forensic nurses because of the advanced training and the whole lot of education involved in order to become a forensic nurse of value. And also because of the recompense they have to pay for being available on-call. Conducting the role of a forensic nurse involves a hell lot of time and effort so thereby they earn this much amount of salary.

How to Get Your Online Degree

If you have a passion for forensic sciences and want to be in forensic nursing then you are certainly looking at something which promises a good career. Forensic nursing is not only restricted to television but are very much in demand by the real world. With an online forensic nursing degree you can gain the knowledge and the qualification needed to chase an exciting a promising career in the field of forensic sciences.

All level forensic nursing online degree programs are available affiliated by American Academy of Forensic Science. It depends on your educational goals that which associate degree you choose. There are various degrees available online like a bachelor in forensic sciences, BS in Biology, Biochemistry, Natural Science, Chemistry and Genetic Engineering along with the with the area of expertise as forensic sciences. Online degree for a Masters and even a PhD in forensic nursing is also available online. If you desire a certificate in the same too then better options ca be searched on the internet. The online courses vary depending on the degree you chose.

Forensic nurses have to cooperate with the detectives and other agencies involved in law enforcement while they scrutinize the various crimes. The forensic nurses have to conduct varying responsibilities like collecting evidences, diagnosing trauma, and assist in the treatment of the survivors of the criminal activities.

For achieving specialization in forensic nursing, earning a Registered Nurse (RN) Degree is the first step. This is generally a two or four years’ course of study providing you with one of the preliminary three forensic nursing online degrees. But if you do not find a regular institution imparting studies in forensic nursing then the various online programs are for you. The three primary degrees mentioned above can be obtained even via online educational programs. The three degrees are an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing or ADN, A Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing or BSN and a Registered Nurse Degree. These degrees have their own time of completion. The ADN is a two year program, BSN is a four year study program and RN Diploma Program is a specialized program hence lasting for three years. These degrees are being offered at several communities, junior colleges and the institutions offering nursing programs. Online forensic nursing programs are also available for those who face certain difficulties with the programs imparting regular education.

An forensic nursing online degree program can prepare for to become a forensic nurse. Forensic nursing is a specialized field in which the medical facilities merge with the law enforcement agencies. One needs to maintain a strong combination between health care facilities and criminal justice to become a successful forensic nurse. Online degrees can prepare you well enough for excelling in forensic nursing. Online classes are available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Plus, the online degree nursing colleges will also help you connect with the various institutions which offer the curriculum of forensic nursing. This will help you access important regarding the programs, financials, and other technical information.